Greenwood/Memory Lawn Mortuary

Greenwood/Memory Lawn Mortuary

Funeral home at 719 North 27th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85009

Greenwood Memory Lawn Mortuary & Cemetery is a peaceful final resting place for loved ones in the Phoenix community. Contact us to learn about our range of memorialization options.

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    I have been to Greenwood many times with multiple family members resting here. I will be here also when my time comes, all prepaid. I will go on to say how in recent years the customer service here has seriously depreciated. I initially purchased with Mr.Canuff years ago, very nice fella. Since then, trying to get information or help is just distasteful. I have been in the customer service industry and initially understand if someone is having a bad day. BUT it's like this most of the time ONCE YOU'VE PURCHASED. If your buying, flip the switch nice nice nice. Sorry, anyone to blame is the management, which I KNOW have been there awhile. These woman truly have to get it together maybe take some vacation time. I always feel like I need to buy something in order to get some kind of assistance. I know whats it's like to walk in, let them know I have already purchased and quickly get pushed to someone else. Rude, rude rude!! Wished my family wasn't already here, I'd be happy to be elsewhere knowing my relatives wouldn't have to put up with the same rude treatment!

    Added May 31, 2017 by Christine Torrez
  • I found the staff at Greenwood Memorial to have done an excellent job. They have gone out of their way to make it easier for me to cope with all you have to manage at the time of death of a loved one. This is the type of thing that really needs to happen. There are so many little things you really don't think about at the time. The Greenwood staff greatly helped guide me through the process of handling all of them.

    A mistake was made concerning the online memorial. The staff had it corrected almost immediately. A sign of really excellent service in my opinion. Mistakes can be made. The way they are corrected tells you much about who you are dealing with.

    Added March 01, 2017 by Artist Phx
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    We went to visit a grave for the first time this past summer. The latina lady at the reception desk was the worst receptionist in the history of Receptionist ever! Rude, rude and ruder. How is this woman still employed? She must be a relative to the owner. She made us wait and was almost mad we came in to ask for the grave. She took about half an hour to tell us where the grave was and never said it's going to be a few more minutes. She never I'm almost done or anything. Just an awful lady.

    Added December 31, 2016 by Dee Sharp
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