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Welcome to Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church of Phoenix, Arizona. We hope this site will help you learn more about us and our witness for Christ. We strive to recognize and nurture the Christ in ourselves and each person that we encounter along

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  • My family loves the community of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church. We have made many spiritual, extended family members while worshiping, learning, and serving with the people of the church. I am totally committed to serve God and want to be a part of the future of Shepherd of the Valley. Together we will be the hands and feet of Jesus in the city.

    Added May 07, 2017 by david marz
  • Love Love Love this preschool Both my children graduated from this preschool. I have been nothing but pleased with this facility and staff. Education wise my kids were/are well prepared for kindergarten. I would highly recommend SOV to anyone looking for quality child care for their children.

    Added December 27, 2016 by Jasmine Perkins
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Stay FAR FAR AWAY from this preschool!!!! It is poorly run and has unethical business practices.

    I was not impressed with the campus when I toured it. It was very dog-eared compared to other preschools in central Phoenix, but I decided to put my 2 children in for the summer due to location and having a friend whose child also attended there and would be in the same classroom as my oldest. However, a dog-eared campus was apparently the LEAST of my concerns.

    Two months before their scheduled start date I filled out the application and put down a deposit/application fee for each. I was given the option to only pay that amount, or put a little more up front towards the future registration/licensing fees/etc. I chose to pay a little more ($90) to lessen the amount we would pay when they actually started. I asked for registration packets and was told they would be mailed to me in May (my kids were scheduled to start May 31).

    Circumstances changed and we were potentially going to be unable to register/enroll them for the summer as we planned. I realized on May 24th - a WEEK before our supposed start date - that we had not even gotten registration packets in the mail. I called and queried about where those were, and also, should we not be able to financially swing enrolling them, about how to get that $90 back (I understood that the deposit/application fee was non-refundable as it held my kids' spots). After a little phone tag, the upshot was that (in a voicemail) I was told that the director made her decision that none of the $90 could be refunded. I was advised that we contact the director herself should we have further questions.

    How could this be? My kids WERE NEVER REGISTERED!!! We never received the paperwork to have even registered them (this is reflective of really poor school operations - other schools we have attended have registration/vaccination deadlines far in advance of start dates). What boggled my mind was that I COULD HAVE just paid the $100 two months prior. They rendered no more services, did no more work, processed no more paperwork to earn that $90. Nothing.

    The final nail in the Shepherd of the Valley Preschool's coffin of awfulness was that we DID call the director, as instructed, to specifically discuss what was occurring. No call back. Despite doing what we were told we could do to further discuss the situation, the director never called us back.

    Ironically, too little too late, Friday midday before a 3 day weekend, we get an EMAILED copy of registration paperwork, saying that it would be too late to mail us one in time. Um, yeah, duh! There's no way we could have registered our kids, and to put it on us on the eve of a holiday weekend, before they're scheduled to start the following Tuesday morning is absurd.

    So basically, if you have gotten this far, this school not only is inept, but they have unethical business practices - taking money they have not performed services for. Stay far away from this place.

    Added October 03, 2016 by Carly Bjorklund
  • Wonderful church & preschool!!! Not just a house of God, but a home, & our church home. A place where multiple generations of God's children are housed, where the love of our Lord & his people are center, the making of disciples the mission. A place I truly feel the presence of the Lord: whether its rolling down the hill next to the sanctuary in joy with the kids, imagining the Lord's perspective & what He calls of us when standing next to the crosses at Easter time as my young son taught me to do, listening to the music swell in worship as I add my own voice in the worship of Him, to the welcoming of everyone to serve Him & find what the Lord has called them to, an openness to listen to the questions of the children & a willingness to learn from them & not just teach, where my own son with special needs is accepted & loved, and so much more we love and find the Lord a part of!

    The preschool is phenomenal!!!! They use inclusion practices with coaching available through the First Things First program that allowed my son with autism to be with neurotypical peers & really showed us so many strengths & capabilities he has before being put in a special education classroom in mainstream public school. The preschool really offered a lot more than the public school system's preschool or general education had! Especially academically. My son's preK class were doing tons of hands on science experiments when the public school system doesn't even touch on science formally till the 4th grade. Favorite quote is when one child pointed out a chemical reaction was taking place because of the bubbles forming! My infant daughter now attends & couldn't be happier. She's wrapped in love, we get pictures home every month of the new things she's discovered, & tons of artwork. Teachers actually teach, not babysit, she was walking by 9 months, saying "Thank You" by 1, practicing sign language, & loves all the sensory experiences!

    Added September 11, 2016 by Shannon Monn
  • If you hunger for hearing the Word of God, feel unsatisfied with the false promises the world makes and need to encounter Christ though Holy Sacrament. All and I mean all are welcome at Shepherd of the Valley.

    Added August 08, 2016 by Doug Clouse
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